5 ways to shake off your stress, and tap into total bliss.

5 ways to shake off your stress, and tap into total bliss.

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5 ways to shake off your stress, and tap into total bliss.

Shake up the humdrum of your daily routine and revive your mind and body with these five easy steps. Total bliss, here you come: 

1- Do a digital detox.

Thanks to our phones, we are constantly bombarded and overstimulated with everything, everywhere, all at once. More often than not, we become over-aware about the bad rather than the good. While a digital detox seems impossible sometimes, start with baby steps—a day away from social media to tune out the world and tune into bliss.

2- Explore the hidden nooks of your city.

Regardless of whether you grew up in the city you’re in or if you just moved to a new one, a bustling city is like a living creature – constantly expanding. Go on a stroll and take a route you’ve never walked, catch a bus, or just drive around till you hit a dead end. Discovering a new place you enjoy is so much more rewarding when you do it on your own.

3- Start your day off with your favourite playlist.

The energy that we start our day with can determine the way the rest of our day goes. One way to keep your spirits up as you stumble out of bed is with some of your favourite jams. It can be Frank Ocean, The Moonlight Sonata or Bollywood Jams – you decide!

4- Try at least one thing daily outside of your comfort zone.

While it is comforting to continue in the habits that you’ve etched for yourself, it is important to try things that make you uncomfortable– as it helps you grow as a person. So go on and wear that magenta shirt with the yellow skirt, walk upto the cute stranger at the cafe, pitch that idea at the next meeting – the world is your oyster! Doing something new is a kind of bliss that will revive you, and you’ll want to experience it over and over.

5- Escape to paradise!

If you’re a beach baby, this is the shortcut to total bliss. The sound of the waves, the sand under your feet, the sun shining on your face are best enjoyed in your own company. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and the Sun Kissed Ocean Wave Body Mist!

And if there isn’t a beach nearby, no problem! Put on an ASMR track of the waves, lie in a patch of sun and light our reviving candle- it’s like you’re right there at paradise’s shores.