How to re-energize and find your spirit

How to re-energize and find your spirit

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How to re-energize and find your spirit

It’s not breaking news that the lifestyles that we lead today often leave us stressed, exhausted and often, both. Even our phones and laptops need recharging from time to time, so how do you expect to run on fumes without a moment to re-energize every now and then? Balancing everything from your work calendar to your social one can sap your spirit and leave you lethargic and unmotivated to do things you actually love. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom and there’s more than a few ways to rejuvenate yourself and find your spirit again!

One of the best ways to find your spirit is by grounding yourself to a new hobby or going back and re-exploring something you once enjoyed. Be it painting, running, knitting, writing, scuba diving or even singing off-key in the shower – anything. By finding a hobby that you can practise simply for the joy of it, you give yourself a purpose, take your mind off whatever your usual stressors are and tap into your spirit. And the most rewarding part of finding a hobby we can throw ourselves into, is that it feels just as good while we’re doing as when we’re done. This feeling of energy and purpose that isn’t rooted to your job or obligations, but simply for your own happiness is what rejuvenates your mind and melts away the mundane.

Sometimes, the answer is even simpler. A hot shower is one of the easiest ways to wash away your troubles and reset. We may be playing favourites, but we’ve found that the After The Rain shower gel and mist really does the perfect job of recharging our spirit. Water is a conduit through which energy flows and the fragrance of Jasmine and Cedarwood help clear your head and transport you almost instantly to a lush green forest away from the bustle of everyday life. Prolong your pamper session and soak your feet in some bath salts and soon you’ll find this just might be exactly what your spirit needs.

And often, rejuvenating self-care can come from caring for someone else. The energy that we put out into the universe directly comes right back to us—so take some time, and make it a point to do at least one kind thing for someone, simply for the sake of it. This act of kindness will help you reset your perspective, make someone else’s day and by the end of it rejuvenate your spirit. Plus, it’s always nice to send out good vibes into the cosmos, we all know the world could do with more of it.

The key to finding your spirit is taking it one step at a time. Remember everyone goes through it, and the first step is being kind and patient with yourself and making you your #1 priority. Do that, and you’ll thrive!