Tried and tested rituals to center yourself and find your calm

Tried and tested rituals to center yourself and find your calm

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Tried and tested rituals to center yourself and find your calm

We don’t have to tell you twice: the pace of our daily lives is ever-increasing, which means we often miss out on simply having a second to take a breath. So here we are, asking you to simply – breathe in, hold, breathe out. If you actually did that while reading right now, you have unknowingly increased your blood circulation, regulated your heart beat and calmed your nerves. See, it can be that easy!

One more deep breath, and lets dive into rituals we’ve tried and tested to find our calm:

Nama-stay in your happy place:

Starting meditation and being alone with your thoughts may seem daunting at first, but with daily practice and diligence it’s more rewarding than you can imagine. So set your goal and select a time every day, for at least ten minutes of peace. Sit upright, let your mind wander and be kind to yourself, and remember- breathe in, hold and breathe out.

Journal your stress away:

Another way to centre yourself when nothing seems constant, is journaling. It is an excellent way that has been proven to work! Humankind’s innate urge to jot down the happenings of their everyday life, their plans for the future, and to simply reminisce about the moments passed is an age-old way to ground yourself and find a foothold in life.

It helps you manifest your thoughts, goals and dreams and understand them better. It also subconsciously transfers your stress from your mind to paper - a foolproof method to find your calm and just relax.

One small step for you, one big leap for your calm:

Escaping the city is guaranteed to take your mind off of life’s stress, even if it’s just for a moment. If you can’t get away from the city, get onto a terrace - stargazing can give you perspective and make you realize that in the grand scheme of life, some tasks aren’t as big, daunting or urgent as we make them out to be.

Camping underneath a starlit sky:

Like we said, nature and the open sky heal. If you have the time, take a few days off or free up a weekend to go camping!Hanging out friends or making new ones, warming up near a  bonfire, and stargazing as someone strums up a melody on their ukelele - truly paints a picture of a happy place! A quick getaway like this can you help you find your calm so you’re ready to take on life when you’re back.

A massage:

Now a ritual for the homebodies, who would rather enjoy the perks of the outdoors while staying indoors. Light up the Under The Starlit Sky candle and find yourself transported under a starry sky, tracing constellations. As the candle flickers away, pour a little oil into your palms and massage your scalp gently. For increased blood circulation, run a hot bath after and scrub away the stress as a calming playlist hums away in the background.

Find your calm is an extremely personal process, and everyone has their own rituals that help them tap into their centre. But that’s the beauty of self-care and me-time, you can do it just how you like it!